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Describe the project in one sentence:
AgriBazaar is a cost effective platform that provides an alternative virtual trading platform by the use of supply chain managment tools that will enable buyers and sellers to meet, interact and transact online.

Project activity: April 30th 2003: Memorandum of Understanding between MIMOS Berhad as the technology provider and Department of Agriculture as the expert in agriculture and government agency that serves the agriculture community in Malaysia July 2003: - Soft launch of the portal - Iniatiate the start of 1 year pilot for AgriBazaar in Batu Pahat , Johor. - Release 3 components namely eBuySell, eLogistic, eStock June 2004: - Launch of the portal AgriBazaar by Prime Minister of Malaysia - Release ePlan component Q1 2006: Releases of the 3 components namely: eMake, eSupport, and ePayment

Vision objectives goals:
AgriBazaar is the Malaysia's way in aiming at delivering useful application in accelerating the use of ICT among rural communities in helping narrowing the digital divide and making ICT relevant and accessible to the people. The rural community can benefited socially and monetarilly by the use of ICT; whereby it will help the farmers and the rural communities at large to increase their income level and hence increase the quality of life. Hence in the long run the project is expected to enhance the productivity of the agriculture community and competitiveness of the agriculture industry. The major milestones and time frames the project want to accomplish are: 1) Completed a 6 months pilot at 1 of the agriculture communities by 2003 2) Completed the 2 phase development of the Supply Chain management system that consists of the 7 modules i.e.: - eBuySell, eLogistics, eStock by Q2 2003 - ePlan by Q2 2004 - Catalog part of eSupport by Q2 2005 - eMake, and eSupport ,ePayment by Q2 2006 3) Launched by the honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia by 2004 4) Completed the scaleable and robust application by Q4 2006 5) Completed the impact study by Q4 2008

Type of project organisation:
Currently the project is a joint project between MIMOS Berhad as the technology provider and Malaysia Ministry of Agriculture as the goverment caretaker and expert in agriculture industry. MIMOS berhad will provide the technology leadership and expertise in coming up with the ICT components while Department of Agriculture as the leading agency under the ministry to give inputs as well as promoting and instutionalise the use of the system internally in their program. They will also train their extensions officers to promote the usage of the system to their farmers, fisherman, and breeders under their superision for nation wide adoption.

Target organisations:
- Small Medium Industry - Non-Profit orgabisations such as Farmers association, Fruit grower association etc - Profit organisation such as retailers, farms, manufacturers, etc - Government agencies such Fishery department, Animal husbandry, Ministry of Agriculture, Universities, etc.

The project method can be applied in other industries other than agriculture such as health, textiles, automative, etc. By using the same base of the Supply Chain Management engine but customised for these differrent industries.

Future expected development:
The expected future development/scope of the project is mostly on the product development of Agribazaar i.e. to further enhance the features and increase the membership as well promotion to increase usage and the adoption rate.

Project ID: 75
Category: Economic Development
Country: Malaysia
City: Kuala Lumpur
Areas: Rural & urban
Target groups: youth, adults, seniors, women, men


Access to communication networks:
Network: Internet
Accress type: Internetaccess via dial up, LAN, Optical fibre, WLAN, DSL/Cable
User terminals: Desktops, Laptops
Communication services used: Internet: e-mail, web,chat,voice over IP, IPTV, Video on demand

Sponsors and funding bodies:
National development organisations

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